Medical Breakthrough Products: The Case for Long Term Growth.

In 2012, healthcare expenditures were $2.8 trillion in the US and estimated to be nearly $7 trillion worldwide. V2M® Capital believes that, over the next several decades, the fastest growing sector of healthcare will be prescription drugs and medical devices and specifically medical breakthrough products, which address numerous unmet medical needs. There are many macro and industry specific drivers that will contribute to this growth, not the least of which is the number of companies that have been formed to pursue the development of medical breakthrough products. V2M® estimates that there are over 100 public companies that fit this description and many more private companies. The explosion of such products over the next several decades will fuel the growth of many successful companies. As a consequence, V2M® believes that this will be the Century of biology and medicine.

Global Fund Forum 2015 Hub Culture Bermuda with Misha Petkevich, V2M® Capital

V2M® Capital is at the intersection of hedge funds and biotech – where opportunities are certainly frothy. Misha Petkevich talks about the market and the looming promise of gene therapy.