Misha Petkevich, DPhil, CIO of V2M® Capital LLC

V2M® Capital LLC
  • V2M® invests in public life science companies developing innovative and often disruptive products that address critical or life threatening unmet medical needs
  • The products can dramatically improve a patients quality of life or may even save their life.
  • The companies more often than not have been in existence for 5 to 15 years and have material institutional and operational infrastructure.
  • Novel medical devices, drugs, biologicals, advanced drug delivery technology, artificial intelligence/machine learning driven drug development, and advances in imaging, monitoring and technology driven diagnostics are all of interest.
Investment Strategy
  • V2M® combines two investment strategies: Value and Event Driven which we call “Value to Momentum”.
  • V2M® generally has a long term investment horizon which can be up to 8 years meaning that V2M should be tax efficient.
  • The typical portfolio is expected to be concentrated with 4 to 8 core positions and 10 to 20 non-core positions.
  • We aim to mitigate risk by balancing the mix of companies between early, mid and more mature companies and by using a value strategy, which sometimes can provide an opportunity to build a position in a public company at valuations equivalent to earlier venture rounds.
  • V2M® also plans to invest in unit deals that provide common stock and warrants, which provide a free call option on the stock.
Pent-Up Demand
  • Unmet medical needs means that pent-up demand has been created.
  • Pent-up demand means rapid adoption of products upon commercialization.
  • Rapid adoption drives corporate financial results which in turn drives company valuations and share price. This is the fuel for “Momentum”.
  • When this occurs, the share price becomes non-correlated with the broader macroeconomic and capital market environments.